Leading a Successful Life Through God

Grace, love and mercy, that’s all it takes to lead a meaningful and satisfying life. However, these attributes aren’t easy to cultivate or even to come by. This is why you need to let the Glam coach guide you on your journey to success.

You are probably wondering who the Glam coach is, aren’t you? She is the person who wants to give you the opportunity to live the life of your dreams, to design a GLAMtastic life. With her mouth, she speaks life into people, leads them on a path to discover new ideas and skills while she helps them strengthen their relationships both in their personal and professional lives.

Humans are social beings. Subsequently, we crave connections, now more than ever, to the world around us. A minor touch is enough to change our lives forever.

I am here to help you change your life from drab to fab the GLAM way. It begins with putting God first and will take a little hard work, but at the end of the entire process, you will be GLAMtastic, to say the least. A lot of this process has to do with making the right connections.

I now live a life full of connections, but I have lived a life with no connections, and I must say the former is better. I used to hide who I am to please the people around me. I acted weak to make others strong, became timid to make others bold, and buried my true nature to become what everyone expected.

With time I realized that the only way to be happy and reach my full potential was to embrace my true nature for the perfection that God created it to be. I began rediscovering who I was, and the more I saw and embraced the real me – the GLAM me – the less I liked the old ‘me’ that the world saw, the facade. All I wanted to do was live, be real, be happy, find myself, and I finally did – I became the awesome courageous GLAM.

I got married, had two lovely children, and I went back to school. I eventually earned three degrees; something I never thought I was capable of, although I never loved or enjoyed school growing up, I liked the extracurricular activities that came with school; sports, arts, and theater. I never enjoyed academics and would have never have believed that I would excel academically to a point where I had multiple degrees. From my experience, I had a deeper conviction that with God all things are possible. All you have to do is believe, and put in the necessary work.

I graduated top of my class in all 3 degrees and made the national honor society. On my 2nd graduation, my 17-year-old son graduated college with me, and this remains one of my most cherished moments.

In reconstructing my life didn’t stop with my academics; I started taking care of my life both in and out. I began working out, eating healthier each day, deliberately seeing life and situations in a positive light, setting my priorities right, and making clear my visions and goals in life. Gradually, it all started to piece together, and I can boldly and truthfully say that I am happy with my life.

So you see it is never too late to let go of the past events when it hurts; shut that door, pick up the pieces and start afresh. It’s never too late to discover who you are and what makes you happy. It is never over until God says it’s over. What God has destined, only you can disrupt when you lack faith. If he has given you the breath of life, then he apparently still wants you to go ahead and earn all that he has set out for you.

So if you are reading this, it’s just the right time to make your move. Have faith in God, believe in yourself and do what needs to be done.

The process of finding yourself never really stops. To this day, I still am discovering new, exciting and GLAMtastic things about myself!

You Just Got GLAMMED!

The GLAM Coach